Student Case Studies

Adult students have received college credit for their knowledge and experience through LearningCounts. Here are just a few of their success stories. Join them and contact a College Credit Specialist today.

Matt, Law Enforcement

Matt, Career ClimberMatt is a fourth generation police officer. After high school, he earned an associate’s degree in criminal justice.

When he started as a police officer, all that was required was an associate’s degree. But now, in order to advance his career, he needs a four-year degree.

He was able to earn his B.A. in criminal justice. He enrolled in the Instructor-Led course and learned how to create a portfolio of his prior learning. He earned 3 credits for the Instructor-Led course, 9 credits for documenting his learning from police training, and 6 credits in psychology. Matt saved a full semester of tuition, and completed his degree in just a year and a half.

Arial, Career Changer

Arial, Career ChangerFor the last 30 years, Arial has been working as an accounts payable clerk for a small local company.

She felt that in order to change careers, she should finally finish her bachelor’s degree.

Arial took the Instructor-Led course and learned how to create portfolios of her prior learning and petition for 15 credits in accounting, finance, and business management. She was able to graduate a year earlier than she anticipated, and is now confident about her prospects for a new finance career.

John, Military Student

John, Military StudentAfter graduating high school, John joined the navy. Upon returning from two tours of active duty, he wants to use his GI Bill benefits to earn a college degree.

After speaking to a LearningCounts College Credit Specialist, he learned that he could earn more than 33 credits using prior learning assessment (PLA). John earned 3 credits through the LearningCounts Instructor-Led course, 9 credits in criminal justice, 6 credits in supply chain, 6 credits in management, 6 credits in psychology, and 6 credits in finance.

He also earned 12 credits for his military service from ACE CREDIT. John maximized the use of his GI benefits by saving more than $20,000 while earning 48 credits toward his degree.

Maria, Career Reinventor

Maria, Career ReinventorMaria has spent the last 20 years working in retail sales.

Seeing the neighborhood stores closing, she realized it was time for a career change. Maria decided to go back to school to become an accountant.

She was able to save a year and a half on her studies by using prior learning assessment (PLA). Maria earned 6 credits for her marketing and retail experience, 12 credits for business management experience, 6 credits for computer skills, and 3 credits for the Instructor-Led course.

Sue, Leading by Example

Sue, Leading by ExampleRight after high school, Sue took over managing the family store full time. Her parents were first generation immigrants from South America, so Sue often helped her parents overcome language barriers.

Now with kids of her own, she wanted to go back to college to get her degree and set a good example for them.

Sue was able to earn 8 Spanish credits for her language skills through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests. She earned an additional 12 credits in business management and 9 credits in accounting through her portfolios.

Jack, Hobbyist Turned Professional

Jack, Hobbyist Turned ProfessionalJack has worked on the line at an auto facility in southeast Michigan. He started college after high school, but never finished his degree. Jack often worked with the robots on the line and tinkering with computers was his favorite hobby.

He decided to turn this hobby into a profession by getting a degree in Information Systems and Technology.

Through a prior learning assessment (PLA), Jack was able to earn 12 credits in mechanical engineering and 9 credits in information technology to complete his degree in just over a year.

Jessie, Military-Civilian Transition

Jessie, Military-Civilian TransitionAfter serving in the military overseas for 7 years, Jessie worked at the front desk of a local hotel. With her first child on the way, she wanted to enhance her skills so that she could consider a more flexible career path after the delivery.

Jessie decided to go back to school and get a degree in hospitality management.

She was able to earn 8 credits for the German that she learned while stationed overseas, as well as 12 credits for her management experience at the hotel. Jessie was able to save almost a full year in time and tuition through a prior learning assessment (PLA).

Sam, A Degree for Dad

Sam, A Degree for DadSam retired after 37 years as a unionized regional truck driver for a steel and iron processor. He was elected the treasurer of his homeowners’ association, and was an avid reader when on the road.

After putting his son through college, he decided it was time to earn a degree of his own.

Over the past two years, Sam has earned 36 credits toward his general studies degree. He saved over $15,500 by earning credit for what he already knew.